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"Practice doesn't make perfect… perfect practice makes perfect."

DVD: Tri Swimming Better

Triathlong Swim Training

"Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect". In this easy to understand 30 minute instructional video, Chuck Burr explains in detail various swimming drills and exercises that will undoubtedly make you a better triathlete swimmer. There are significant differences in being a 'swimming racer' and a 'swimming triathlete'. The energy output in any triathlon should start on the bike, not the swim. The key component during the swim phase of any triathlon is energy conservation. Through this video, you will gain this insightful knowledge, no matter what your experience and ability level may be.

Chuck narrates and instructs throughout this entire DVD. Through his 30+ years as a swim and triathlon coach, Chuck describes numerous drills that are designed to help you swim better and faster using less energy. Many video examples and descriptions are given. Chuck uses four athletes, of various swimming talents, as test samples while he describes exactly what the goal and intent is of each drill. You will be able to relate to the swimmers abilities and thus, be able to apply the information to your own training regime.

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DVD cost: $20