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"Practice doesn't make perfect… perfect practice makes perfect."


If you are a triathlete, and want to improve your swimming leg of your triathlon, then gain the perspective of a professional in the field. Select a coaching style from an array of options that will best fit your swimming ability and experience levels.

Choose to receive daily swim workouts e-mailed directly to you, communicate with Chuck Burr via e-mail or phone, and/or select to receive in-person triathlon swim training.

The cornerstone to this triathlon swim coaching method is the DVD
"Tri Swimming Better… Triathlon Swim Training".

What is TriSwimmingCoach.com?

"Results are the proof of ability". Make sure you set yourself up for success by maximizing your ability.

TriSwimmingCoach.com was established by Chuck Burr as an interactive website to help any level triathlete maximize your overall triathlon performance. By becoming a member, you will be able to select the level of membership that will meet your goals and expectations. You can choose from a scaled degree of attention; from receiving daily triathlon based swim sessions to one-on-one, in-person, swimming instruction from Chuck.. He will gear your swim training to help you reach your goal for your next triathlon, or the triathlon in your distant future. Whether you are getting prepared for your first ever triathlon, or if you're making plans to tackle an Ironman or UltraMan triathlon, Chuck will be there for you to make sure your goal is met and exceeded.

"No one has ever won a triathlon in the swimming leg ... but you can loose it all in the swim". Learn to prepare for the bike and the run by swimming EFFICIENTLY, CORRECTLY and SMART!